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Shirt is from Creep street!

Nora…. Nora stop….

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this is, 100%, porn. 

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finding myself genuinely ashamed when i’m naming my lyrical inspirations out loud after writing these last few songs. Really ashamed of myself. They’re not good songs and yet I can’t get out of it. Is it the melody? is it the music? I have no idea at all. All I know is that the lyrics suck. I’m trying to build a body of songs that people can look at and say ‘shit, those are quality lyrics’

I just feel like utter shit every time I finish a song. fucking hell. 

Hi Anna hi. 

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what a fucked up compliment. 

what a fucked up compliment. 

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well this has profoundly changed my mindset, as it turns out. 

well this has profoundly changed my mindset, as it turns out. 

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shoreditch house, london

spent some of the week here. mojitos like damn. 

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holy mother of….

holy mother of….

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Stop this immediately.

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Stop it at once

Stop it at once

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Attention George Will, this is what #SurvivorPrivilege really looks like

Over at the Washington Post, a supremely out of touch article by conservative columnist George F. Will makes the infuriating claim that victims of sexual assault enjoy “a coveted status that confers privileges.” His logic suggests that because of a supposed liberal plot to bestow some sort of benefit on rape survivors “victims proliferate.”

Of all the tone-deaf rape-denying arguments we’ve heard, this one might take the cake.

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So honored my hashtag took off! It just started as a way to vent about how college rape has changed my life forever (and not in a good way).

Because you know who’s an authority on surviving rape? An old white guy.

Fuck you, George Will.

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